Wisdom teeth

What is Wisdom teeth ?

Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth which erupt at late teens or early twenties. They need to be removed if they are poorly aligned which can damage the teeth and later leads to pain and difficulty in keeping oral hygiene. Because of its misaligned positioning, it causes infection & swelling in the jaw, and becomes difficult to brush or floss.

Why there is a need of wisdom teeth removal?

If they are not causing you any problem, then there is no need for removal. If they are impacted then you need to get them removed as your mouth does not have space not provide space for. We advise you to get it removed at an early stage as it will get more difficult to remove with the passing time which can later cause bleeding or difficulty in movement in your jaw.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Price

The cost of wisdom teeth removal depends on the positioning of the tooth and level of disfigurement. We, at Cosmodent, charge cost effective prices in our clinic as we are more focused towards quality of our service to set our benchmark in Jaipur.

How do we perform wisdom teeth extraction?

We began our treatment by doing a thorough check of your mouth, which provides us with the knowledge to understand the complexity level of the case. We will give you anaesthesia to numb the tooth. When you start feeling numbness in the jaw and the cheeks area, our dentist will carefully extract the wisdom tooth ensuring you don’t face any pain in the entire operation while removing the tooth. To stop the blood flow, we will apply medicated gauze. You will feel the numbness for 30 minutes to 2 hours and then start feeling normal afterwards. We advise our patients to avoid chewing anything in the affected area for some time so that the recovery process gets easily done.

Why choose Cosmodent?

We leverage our years of experience in providing wisdom tooth extraction treatment with sheer perfection and hardwork. Cosmodent offers a comprehensive range of services and uses high tech technology to carry out all types of dental treatments at affordable prices. We focus on maintaining an open and honest relationship with our patients and transparency in our operations. Our dental experts can provide treatment to take care of your dental issues and make your smiles more beautiful as ever.

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