Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

For many people, their smile matters a lot. They want to have a perfect set of teeth peeping out whenever they talk or smile.
But sometimes, their teeth lose their natural whiteness and become dull. Their color changes to light yellow or brownish.
Here, teeth whitening solution helps them to get white teeth again and regain their lost confidence. They only have to search for “teeth whitening services near me” on their smart phones and we are just a tap away. You can easily locate Cosmodent Dental Clinic on your device.

Basically, the outer layer of the tooth (called enamel) is responsible for coloring of the teeth. When this layer of enamel becomes stained or gets naturally damaged, that causes the teeth to look dull. There are multiple factors which cause discoloration of teeth. They are-
1. Consuming large quantity of coffee or tea.
2. Having the problem of bad breath, sensitivity or bleeding gums, cavity or tooth decay.
3. Consumption of tobacco, alcohol or smoking.
4. If an individual has a poor oral care routine, that may also affect the tooth colour.
5. Trauma may also darken the teeth.

Teeth whitening is a process by which a dentist whitens dull or yellowed teeth by intrinsically or extrinsically changing the colour of the tooth enamel. This process is required to be repeated again and again, whenever the effect of the previous process reduces.
If you are located in Jaipur or are travelling nearby, you can simply find us by searching “teeth whitening near me” to locate our clinic.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

1.Vital Whitening
When the whitening process is performed on the teeth connected to live nerves, it is known as vital whitening.
It is generally performed in a professional dental clinic. The dentist uses easily use powerful whitening gel and laser light that makes the bleaching faster.
Whitening process takes about one and a half hour and requires 2-3 sittings.

2. Non-vital Whitening
Non-vital whitening is used for a tooth on which a root canal treatment has been performed and the tooth has no live nerve connection. But this type of whitening may not improve the appearance of a tooth as the stain is coming from the inside of the tooth. So, the dentist will prescribe alternative methods to whiten the tooth from inside.

Whatever type of teeth whitening you are opting for, you will surely get professional teeth whitening in Jaipur at Cosmodent Dental Clinic, Mansarovar.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

The process of whitening your teeth begins with cleaning them by putting on a rubber shield for protection. Depending upon the level of discolouration and stains, we apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening agent to give you the best results. We may advise for 2-3 visits if you have severe stains or according to the level of teeth whitening, you are expecting from our side.

Why choose Cosmodent?

At Cosmodent, we help you attain a beautiful smile with the best teeth whitening services. We are pledged to make you confident about your looks.
Our specialist will serve you in the best possible manner and you will get the advantage of her experienced hands. Teeth whitening cost at our clinic is just so affordable that you will never have to hesitate or look for any other option.
Our affordable prices will ensure that you will feel the quality of our services at par with any metropolitan city.

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