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What is RCT or Root Canal Treatment ?

Root Canal Treatment is a non surgical procedure that is followed by a dental care practitioner. This treatment relieves from the pain that is caused by an infected tooth.
People who have dental cavities, tooth decay or cracked teeth are most likely to have such kind of a pain. They only need to search “RCT specialist near me”, and Cosmodent clinic’s location will be in front of them.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Jaipur

We have always given our prime focus on treating our patients in the best way and charging affordable rates as we want to establish long-term relations with our patients.  In Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the cost of root canal treatment is on a higher side. Our people first principle has allowed us to charge cost effective amount as our rct cost in Jaipur is comparatively economical and at par with treatments done in big cities. Performed by the team of specialists through the help of high technologies & expertise, we charge affordable rates from our patients and have successfully conducted root canal treatments to over 2000 patients in past 10 years.

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Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Sometimes, the pain that begins in the tooth region is so unbearable that one has to quickly search for the best “root canal treatment clinic near me” on your smart phone and rush for a treatment.
The dental expert then carries out the following steps-

1. As a very first step, the doctor performs an X-Ray to indentify the place of pain and its’ cause.
2. In the next step, anaesthesia is administered so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the treatment.
3. Once, the infected area is numbed, a cavity is prepared to remove the pulp.
Then the infected pulp is removed and canals are cleaned.
4. The third step is sealing the canal with a rubber like material called gutta-percha. Before sealing, the doctor waits for 4-5 days.
5. The fourth and the last step is the placing of the tooth crown to strengthen the tooth.
After the placement of the crown, the patient is relieved from the pain and discomfort within 4-5 days. The dental specialist may suggest some pain killers in case the patient is not comfortable.
The above steps are completed in about 10-15 days and when the process is completed successfully by your dentist, you will surely take a breath of comfort and say thanks to your search of “root canal treatment near me.”

Why Cosmodent ?

Cosmodent Dental Clinic gives you personalized attention. If you are not satisfied with your treatment or have any discomfort or pain with your crown, you can visit the clinic again till your full satisfaction. We strive to give you a perfect smile.
Cosmodent is dedicated to relive you of your dental pain and is committed to offer the best root canal treatment in Jaipur.
Our doctors are specialist at root canal treatment and have ensured thousands of smiles till date.
We want to be your first choice for resolving all your dental issues, especially when you are looking for dental root canal treatment. 

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