Dentures Removable

What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices made up of plastic, metal or nylon which take place of your missing natural teeth lost majorly because of injury, aging, or decaying and function like them. They are nicely fit over the gums, letting the patient eliminate problems he/she is facing for gaps. Life without teeth will challenge in many aspects as not only it will affect chewing ability but also diminish self-confidence, making the individual appear older and weaker than his/her current age for a major contribution.

Types of Dentures

Complete Denture: It a prosthetic device which is used when the patient has lost all lower or upper natural teeth or both.
Partial Denture: We recommend this device when there are some missing teeth replaced.
Fixed Partial Denture: This device is an alternative to partial denture where Crowns are inserted on the teeth side of gaps and fixed with a false tooth that’s put inside the gap.
Implant-supported dentures: With implant-supported dentures, we use a dental implant to support the denture. It provides substantial support to stay securely in place.
Immediate (Same Day) Dentures:  patients who want their teeth extracted and dentures installed the same day will benefit from immediate dentures.

What is the procedure of Dentures?

It is a multi-step method which needs various sitting to get the best results for the patients. Below you can read about the steps which are been used for making dentures.
The initial phase of creating dentures begins with creating a plaster model as per your upper and lower teeth-less arches.
The plaster model is used for making customised trays as per the adequate measurements. To guarantee your dentures accomplish greatest maintenance and steadiness, we do border moulding which enables to record the developments of your cheeks, and other delicate tissues.
We make a last impression on which the final fabrication of your dentures will prepare a stronger cast. 
Jaw relation is used to set your teeth in wax and the changes are made by setting these edges in your mouth. We send the dentures for their last manufacture step to the dental research facility. 


Why choose Cosmodent?

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