Dr. Shikha Bansal - Best Dentist In Jaipur

Dr. Shikha Bansal (BDS MIDA), with an experience of over 10 years, is a specialist in root canal treatments, dental implants and dentures. She did her BDS from Pacific Dental College and holds a degree from RUHS.

If you are looking for a dental expert who can solve all your dental problems, then Cosmodent Dental Clinic in Jaipur is your right choice! This clinic is the result of Dr. Bansal’s passion for dentistry and her inclination to serve the society. If you are going to search “dentist near me” on internet or ask anyone in Mansarovar, they are going to tell you about our clinic.

The clinic is well equipped with the latest dental technology. Dr. Shikha diligently looks into all types of cases and sensitively handles the complex ones. In Jaipur top dentist list, she definitely holds a place.

She is a successful women entrepreneur working dedicatedly in the field of dentistry and have a clientele of thousands of satisfied patients.

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