Dental Filling Services

What is tooth filling/dental filling?

Dental filling is a restorative dentistry practice in which the decayed part of the tooth is cleaned and filled with an appropriate filling material to seal the area and protect the tooth from dental infections. It is important as tooth decay results in cavities which spread rapidly into a tooth or another one, therefore, it’s better to treat it before as it can expand to the extraction if not taken seriously. Being categorised as best dental filling services in Jaipur, we are experts in using a wide range of specialised materials used for fillings which include porcelain, composite resin, gold and an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and zinc).

How much does a tooth filling cost?

Tooth fillings can will be based on factors like Type of cavity ( Class I – Class V) and type of materials used in filling. The amount can also vary in terms of extensive tooth decay and the number of fillings required for an Individual.  One important thing to consider that the front teeth require a series of finishing and polishing which consumes more time and therefore it would cost more than back teeth. As trusted dental practitioners based in Jaipur, we offer the best dental filling cost options to our patients for achieving best results.

Types of teeth gap filling

There are several options available for teeth gap filling, and every option comes along with respective benefits. We utilise the best filling option for your tooth based on many factors such as–the extent of decay, your budget, your allergies to material, and convenience. Some widely chosen teeth filling materials are:-

  • Amalgam (silver) filling: It is the most widely and oldest metal filling substance used till date. It makes the material used in this tooth filling from a combination of different metals, such as mercury, tin, copper, and silver in which a quantity of mercury makes up half and other substances from the rest. It can fill the damaged area of your tooth and withstand high compressive forces resulting in the same chewing abilities.
  • Gold filling: Gold filling is on an expensive side of tooth filling, but chosen widely among the individuals as it can last over 15-20 years. This metal filling option can withstand chewing forces and gum tissues effectively therefore, many dentists recommend it as the best filling option.
  • Composite (plastic) filling: The best advantage composite filling can offer is that its colour appears the same as the natural shade of the tooth. However, it may lose its colour because of the regular consumption of tea, coffee, and tobacco. We will mix the ingredients and place it gently into the cavity. We consider it to be an ideal option compared to metal and amalgam filling as it wears off with time.
  • Ceramic Filling: Made most often of porcelain, through specific manufacturing orders prepared in the lab and then attached to the tooth as per the individual patient needs. The advantage of the ceramic or composite filling is that its colour is the same as of a tooth, covers most of the area and can also withstand stains effectively.

What is the procedure of Dental Filling?

We are reputation holders of the best dental filling services in Jaipur, which believe in providing the best solution to our clients. We start the procedure process by evaluating the extent of decay and a complete analysis of your tooth to know any allergies or any symptoms you are facing.  We take help from X-ray to understand the level of your decay and prescribe the best possible dental filling for your tooth.


The second process is removing the decay by proper methods to ensure all the decay portion is nicely removed and the tooth is ready for filling with most appropriate material as per your tooth requirement.


With the help of filling material and specialised tools, we gently fill your tooth and make it good to go! We advise some instructions to our patients as per their cases and to achieve the best result for them. 

Why choose Cosmodent?

Cosmodent is the recipient of many success stories and counted among the best dentist filling services in Jaipur for its wide range of expertise in cost-effective price tag. Our experienced team backed by top-class types of equipment helps in providing the best solution for our patients. If you are searching over the internet to checkout ‘Best Tooth Filling services in Jaipur’, look no further and contact us now to book an appointment and we will give our best in protecting your beautiful smile and every bite.

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