Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Bridge?

A confident smile is key to beautiful looks. Having one or more missing teeth in our mouth can affect our looks to a great extent. A dental bridge or teeth bridge treatment can help if you are also the one who is looking for restoring your teeth. A dental bridge comprises of two or more systematically fitted crowns fixed on the anchoring teeth on sides of the area of missing teeth, which are reliable and can function like natural teeth.

Types of Dental Bridge

• Traditional bridges are dental practices in which we create a crown for the tooth or implant on side of the missing tooth. This type of practice is very common which is made of porcelain fused to ceramics or metal.
• Cantilever bridges is a practice in which we perform only when there are only adjacent teeth on one side of the missing tooth or teeth.
• Maryland bonded bridges are a type of dental practice in which we made a bridge of porcelain which is fused to plastic teeth or metal and gums fixed by metal.
• Implant-Supported Bridges is a kind of dental practice in which Implant-supported bridges are fixed by dental implants, instead of a metal or dental crowns which is used for restoring the back teeth, such as premolars and molars.

Dental Bridges Cost

With high-quality instruments and an experienced team of specialists, anyone can imagine us as a very high profile dental hospital in Jaipur, but the reality is different. We are affordable dental care providers who are believers of serving quality at its best. Our tooth bridge costs are competitive and something you can say suits for every pocket.

What is the Process of Dental Bridge?

We focus on preparing the abutment teeth during the first visit. Our dental bridge procedure is re-contouring teeth by eliminating a part of the enamel to allow space for a crown. After which, we make impressions of teeth, which are filled in as a model from which bridge, pontic, and crowns are made in our Cosmodent’s laboratory. We will prepare a temporary bridge to ensure that the uncovered teeth and gums till the time permanent ones are getting prepared.

On your next visit, we will take temporary bridge and the new porcelain or metal bridge will be checked to get an appropriate fit. Numerous visits might be required to check the fitting of the metal system and chomp. If the dental bridge is ready, we may briefly be cemented it set up for a little while to ensure it is fitting appropriately.

Why choose Cosmodent?

We are more than just dental experts; we are a brand which is the epitome of best dental treatment in Jaipur. When you pay a visit to us for any of your treatments, we treat you with the utmost care and guidance to make sure you made the right decision for choosing us as your dentist. We have treated thousands of patients with care and regard, making us the best in dental bridge in Jaipur. Whenever you face any issue, take a visit and share your issues with our experts to get the best in class treatment from us.

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