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Tooth Scaling: A useful Procedure for a Confident Smile

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Everyone likes to get captured in a photograph with a perfect smile and a smart posture. But if one has any sort of dental problem, a broken tooth or even a stained tooth, he/she becomes shy and avoid socializing much.
Hence, it becomes very important for every individual to have a good oral health. dental/oral care is of prime importance for people of all ages. Proper and timely dental care can help you to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Ensuring an Evergreen Smile
Improper brushing methods, poor oral care practices, drinking alcohol or smoking causes plaque, calculus and stains on tooth. This makes the smile poorer.
Tooth Scaling is one such process that helps you to overcome this problem easily.

What is Tooth Scaling?

Scaling is a non-surgical treatment in which infected deposits i.e tartar or calculus and stains are removed from tooth. It is a very simple and painless procedure in which the infected materials are carefully and professionally removed.
If these infected substances are not removed timely, they may cause-
a. Gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease)
b. Periodontitis (severe gum disease)
They may even cause tooth breakage or a total decay, if remain untreated.

Procedure of Scaling

Plaque is a soft, sticky film of bacteria which can be easily removed through brushing.
But if, it is not removed, then it converts into calculus. Calculus is so hard that even toothbrush cannot remove it.
So, there is a need to get scaling done.
In scaling, various professional instruments are used to remove the plaque or calculus along the gum line of the tooth to reattach the gums. Scaling is very effective in preventing tooth decay.

When is Scaling Required?

Anyone may opt for his technique at any dental clinic in Jaipur, if he/she-
1. Consumes large quantity of coffee or tea.
2. If you have the problem of bad breath, sensitivity or bleeding gums, you might need scaling.
3. People who consume tobacco, alcohol or smoke, may also need scaling.
4. If you have a poor oral care routine, you might need to see the best dentist in Jaipur for a scaling treatment.
5. In case you have sensitive gums, and your gums catch infections easily, then also you need to visit the dentist.

Cost and Time Involved

The scaling procedure generally requires 30 min to 45 min of sitting. A single sitting is generally sufficient.
If anyone has high amount of plaque or tartar deposits around teeth, then he/she may require multiple sittings.
The cost of scaling in India is around Rs. 1000 for whole mouth and may vary according to the oral health condition of the individual.

Benefits of Tooth Scaling

Scaling technique is helpful in attaining the following benefits-
a. Removal of Cavities
In teeth scaling, the dentist removes the deposits that cause cavities and gum regression.
b. Detection of Gum Diseases
Any sort of gum disease can be easily diagnosed in scaling procedure.
c. Early Detection of Oral Cancer
When you visit your dentist for scaling, he /she examines you thoroughly for any other types of nodes or any abnormality. Your dentist will diagnose any earl signs of oral cancer and will guide.
d. Removal of Unwanted Stains
The unwanted stains of coffee, tobacco or tea can be easily removed with this technique.
e. Whitened Teeth
When the plaque or calculus is removed professionally, it automatically makes your teeth brighter and whiter.
f. Tooth Polishing
After scaling, your dental expert will polish your teeth to attain shine.


Before undergoing this procedure, one must consult his/her dentist and does not opt for scaling if-
1. Your teeth have extra thin or weak enamel.
2. Your teeth have eroded surfaces or crowns with some pits, scaling will make them worse.
3. Sometimes, the dentist does not advice for it, then you must avoid it.

Teeth scaling is a safe procedure and must be carried out by a professional dentist. Generally, it is safe to get scaling done with a gap of four to five months. If you feel some sensitivity after the procedure, your oral care expert may prescribe you specialized toothpaste.
This procedure is very effective and help you get a perfect confident smile with very little cost and time .

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