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Myths And Facts About Dental Implants Treatment

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Every field has myths associated with it, irrespective of the efforts put in to stop them from culminating. Dentistry is no exception; there are a lot of misconceptions about the dental industry that have been doing the rounds nonstop. For those who work in this field, the majority of these myths may seem silly, but to outsiders, they may all seem true. One of the biggest targets of rumours is the dental implant procedure. There are more myths out there about this procedure than facts. The spread of such grossly inaccurate information can paint the procedure as well as the entire dental industry in a negative light. Furthermore, it can exacerbate trust concerns and cause unneeded disruption.

In this blog we are going to separate the facts from the myths and let you know about the best dental implant specialist in Jaipur. So gear up and get ready to be amused.

#Myth 1: Dental Implants Are Very Expensive

Most people believe that dental implants are very expensive, but that is not the case. True, when the dental implant vs dentures conversation takes place, implants are costlier than dentures. But they come with other benefits to make up for the price difference.

Fact: The number of people opting for dental implants is increasing every year. More and more cases of successful surgeries are reported. It might feel like a bit of an investment in the beginning, but with this procedure, your overall financial cost will be lower. In terms of convenience and health benefits, dental implants are the best option.

#Myth 2: You Need Perfect Teeth or No Teeth at All for Implants

In all honesty, perfect teeth won’t require an implant at all. That said, a person doesn’t have to lose all their teeth for implants. One only requires a good jawbone base to get a complete or partial implant, depending on their situation.
Fact: A dental implant is a surgical procedure that has fixed rules. These rules are not extensive, they are simple. You will need a healthy jawbone foundation, healthy gums, and a missing tooth.

#Myth 3: Dental Implants Are Not Safe & Take Too Long to Heal

We understand that the thought of getting metal inserted inside your mouth feels scary and dangerous. In reality, there is nothing dangerous about it; in fact, implants are known to protect the overall health of the mouth.

Fact: Implants are designed to enhance your oral health by saving surrounding teeth from decay and preserving bone. The healing process is not at all severe and gets finished in no time.

#Myth 4: Dental Implants Look Unnatural & It’s Hard to Eat or Talk With Them

This right here is the biggest concern for people: that their dental implants will look fake. And they will face difficulty eating and talking. Everyone wants their teeth to look seamless and functional.

Fact: Dental implants are the closest thing you can feel to having natural teeth. They are crafted to mimic your natural teeth’s appearance and designed to fit your facial structure. That is why implants look natural and provide a realistic experience.

#Myth 5: Dental Implants Turn Yellow With Age & Stain Easily

The fear of getting your implants stained or turning yellow is very real. But in reality, there is nothing to be afraid of because dental implants are pretty stain-proof. They do not react to food or other stuff, like your natural teeth.

Fact: The crown (which is the visible part) of your implant is made from ceramic or porcelain, making it naturally resistant to discolouration. Although that doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for them, If you want to keep maintaining that pearly white smile, always follow your dentist’s recommendations and have a healthy oral care routine.

#Myth 6: Dental Implants Don’t Last Long & Need Special Care

It would be such a shame if you committed to the implant and then had to get it redone every few years. The most absurd misconception surrounding implants is that they are only good for 10 years or will not last long.

Fact: Implants were created to provide a long-lasting solution for tooth problems. They are a tooth replacement procedure that will last a lifetime. And they don’t require any special maintenance; good old oral health care will do.

#Myth 7: Getting Implants Is Painful & Body Often Rejects Them

A dental implant is not a painful process; it is long, but not the hardest. The long duration of the process ensures that your body accepts it, making the chances of failure negligible.
Fact: Getting implants is not painful, nor is recovery hard. There is some discomfort at first, but your body quickly adjusts to the new norm. Also, your dentist provides you with proper care and management for pre-and post-surgery.
We hope reading this blog helped clear out the most absurd myths relating to dental implants. If you have other queries regarding implants, feel free to contact the experienced dentist in Jaipur at Cosmodent. It is a well-recognised dental clinic and is the best place to get dental implant in Jaipur.

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